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Terms and Conditions of Sale

Conditions of Sale


1. Reeman Dansie (hereafter referred to as 'Reemans') act only as Auctioneers and Agents and their representative is hereafter referred to as 'The Auctioneer'.

2. The highest bidder acceptable to the Auctioneer shall be the purchaser but if any dispute arises during or immediately after the sale of a lot, the lot may be put up again immediately at the absolute discretion of the Auctioneer.

3. The Auctioneer has the right at his absolute discretion to refuse any bid and to advance the bidding as he may decide.

4. The purchase price payable by the purchaser shall be the aggregate of the final bid and a premium of 20% of the final bid together with any VAT chargeable on the final bid and such premium. 'The final bid' means the price at which the lot is knocked down to the purchaser.

5. The purchasers to give in their names and addresses (if required) and to pay a deposit of 25 per cent in part payment of the purchase money; in default the lot or lots purchased by them to be at the disposal of the Auctioneers. The remainder of the purchase money to be paid before delivery. The Contract of Sale is to be deemed in all cases as made exclusively with the Auctioneers and the payment is to be made to them or their Clerk only.

6. Each and every lot shall immediately at the fall of the hammer be considered as delivered and be and remain in every respect at the absolute risk of the respective purchaser or purchasers thereof and shall be taken with all faults and errors of description, whether as to quantity, quality, condition, material, date, artist or origin, and no allowance shall be made in respect of any error, misdescription or imperfection. No warranty is given or is to be implied by the description in this catalogue.

7. Any person attending the Sale Room to be answerable for all damage they may do to any lots or to the premises.

8. The Vendor shall be entitled to place a reserve price on any lot and the Auctioneer shall have the right to bid on behalf of the Vendor. In the event of any reserve price not being reached at auction, Reemans are empowered to sell after the auction, by private contract, at not less than the reserve price. The Auctioneers have the right at their discretion to withdraw or divide any lot or combine any two or more lots.

9. The property in a lot shall not pass to the purchaser until he has paid the purchase price in full. Reemans shall be entitled to a lien on any lot sold until the purchase price has been paid. All lots are to be paid for and taken away at the purchaser's expense within two days from sale.

10. Every person while on the premises before, during or after the sale shall be deemed to be there at their own risk and with notice of the condition of the premises and no person shall have or make any claim against the Vendor or Auctioneers in respect of any injury he may sustain or any accident which may happen.

11. No cheques taken unless satisfactory references are given.

12. Upon failure to comply with the above Conditions, the money deposited shall be forfeited and the lots uncleared within the time aforesaid shall be re-sold either by public sale or private contract and the deficiency (if any) upon such second sale together with all charges attending same shall be made good by the defaulter of the present sale. Any surplus that may arise therefrom shall not be recoverable by the defaulter.

13. All goods on Reemans premises or in their custody are held insured against the risks of fire, burglary and water damage (but not against accidental breakage or damage). The value of such goods shall be the gross amount realised or in the case of unsold lots, such value as the Auctioneers in their discretion consider to be the auction value.

14. Reemans do not themselves undertake the collection or delivery of goods but will, if so requested, instruct a contractor on the Vendor's or Purchaser's behalf. Reemans disclaim all responsibility for loss or damage or for unauthorised removal of goods.

15.The Auctioneers will not hold themselves responsible for any action that may arise acting as agents between buyer and seller and for both equitably.

16. Should any question arise not provided for in the foregoing Conditions, the decision of the Auctioneers shall be final from which there shall be no appeal.

17. Artist’s Re-sale Right:- We are required to collect a royalty payment for all works of art that have been produced by living artists. This payment is only calculated on works sold for a hammer price more than the UK sterling equivalent of Euros 1000 – the UK sterling equivalent will fluctuate in line with prevailing exchange rates. Items marked in the catalogue with an * are potentially qualifying items. The charge is 4% (not subject to VAT) which is payable by the purchaser in addition to the Buyer’s Premium. For further information see www.dacs.org.uk.


Special Conditions of Sale

Buyer’s Registration and Payment of Goods:


All prospective purchasers must register with the Auctioneer’s clerk before the auction. If you have previously registered with us, please collect your bidding number from the office. If you are a new customer, you will need to give us your full name, address and telephone numbers and provide us with a form of identification

(ie. A driving licence, passport etc.) before we can issue you with a bidding number.

Payment may be made by banker’s draft, cash, cheque supported by a banker’s card, debit card or credit card (credit card payments are subject to a 2% surcharge). If purchasers wish to pay by cheque and are not known to the auctioneer, then no lot may be removed from the premises until the cheque has cleared, without a suitable bank reference addressed to the Auctioneers.

Clients intending to import/export any item derived from natural history specimens into/from a non European country should first check for any import/export and possession restrictions prior to bidding/selling. For more information go towww.ukcites.gov.uk.

Please note we do not offer the service of packing and postage. We suggest that you contact Mailboxes.


Collection of Goods:

All goods must be paid for and collected by the Friday following the sale, unless special arrangements have been made with the Auctioneer.

Storage charges will be incurred otherwise.