NEED ASSISTANCE? Please call: 01206 754754
NEED ASSISTANCE? Please call: 01206 754754


“Eureka! You were marvellous and I thank you so very much for doing so well for me! I have to admit that selling the spoons had a sadness to it all as they were a collection over many years of my mother’s – I hope they have gone to happy homes!”

“Thank you very much for your help and great kindness over the valuation. It was much appreciated by us all.”

“Thank you so much for visiting us at home and for helping me to deal with the daunting task of disposing of my late father’s personal effects.  You’ve been brilliant and we’re amazed at what was achieved!”

“Very, very many thanks for your terrific work as the auctioneer at our fund-raising dinner at Layer Marney Tower. You cajoled, wheedled, exhorted, pleaded and teased a remarkable amount of money from our guests; additionally, your charm and wit amused us all.”

“It has been a pleasure working with you and all the Reemans’ team. You have all helped it be much less of a stressful job than it might otherwise have been and, certainly, our father seems content with the end results as your cheques have come in!”

“An enormous thank you for coming down from Suffolk for the event and also for your large contribution on Thursday evening making it the HUGE success that it was. A COMPLETE SELL OUT! Totally awesome! Everyone thought extremely highly of you and thought you did a brilliant job. There were a large number of disappointment underbidders.”

“What a showman! What marvellous entertainment! What great fundraising!”

“Thank you so very much for coming along as guest star at our May Ball on Friday. We’ve never enjoyed a professional auctioneer before and how it adds to the quality of our big night out! Since you do this on a daily basis, you may not be aware of the impact such a skilful and entertaining performance makes in the minds of the audience and what a great difference it can make to our evening.”

“A note to say a huge thank you for your astonishing performance last Friday – eliciting the last penny from a crowd half of whom appeared to have joined Scrooge International. You not only squeezed the last drop, but you also did it with charm – providing something approaching Stockholm syndrome amongst those who you so successfully nobbled!”

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