Vintage and antique toys are a highly collectible and popular category of items at auction, appealing to both serious collectors and casual enthusiasts. This department includes a wide range of toys from various eras, such as dolls, action figures, tin toys, board games, trains, and cars.

One of the key factors that determine the success of a vintage and antique toys department at auction is the rarity and condition of the items being offered. Collectors and enthusiasts are often willing to pay a premium for items that are in excellent condition, have a clear provenance, and are of historical or cultural significance. Therefore, it is important to carefully evaluate and document the condition and provenance of each item prior to the auction, and to include detailed information about these factors in the auction catalog and marketing materials.

Another important consideration when selling vintage and antique toys at auction is the appeal of the items to potential buyers. Many collectors are drawn to toys from their childhood or that have a special connection to their interests, such as toys related to a favorite movie or TV show, or those associated with a particular hobby or interest.

In addition to traditional live auctions, we also offer online-only sales for vintage and antique toys, which allow buyers to bid from anywhere in the world. These online auctions often incorporate interactive features such as detailed photographs, and real-time bidding, providing a dynamic and engaging experience for buyers.


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Action Stations Barry Butcher’s Toy Collection Part 2 Has Landed Online.

This sale has a vast range of 1970’s - 1980’s action figures & accessories including Action Man, Tommy Gunn, Big Jim & GI Joe as well as figures that are out of this world from Star Wars, Star Trek, Space 1999, Battlestar Galactica,& the Space Rangers.



Model Toys from the Late Barry Butcher Collection

The Specialist Timed Auction of Barry Butchers Toy Collection will take place between place between 13th – 29th October.



Model Railway from the Late Ian Claude Standfast Collection

The specialist timed auction of Ian Claude Standfasts’ model railway collection will take place between 17th February 2023 and 5th March.