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At Reeman Dansie we have a long and proud tradition of handling significant private collections and large estate sales. When directed to undertake such a sale we are careful to ensure that our approach is specifically tailored to fully maximise the given collection at auction.

Extensive resources and experience are utilised to ensure that an appropriate auction context is established and large collections can either be offered as stand-alone sales or as special sections within our existing sale calendar. In either instance we are keen to present collections together with biographical detail and illustration to give dimension and depth to the collection, this is extended to targeted advertising, press releases and editorial and even down to how items are presented in the sale-room to ensure that the essence of a collection is captured.

Not only do our sale catalogues become a lasting testimony to a collector or estate, they also become a point of reference for future collectors.


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Founded in 1881, Reeman Dansie is a recognised and trusted auction house with a knowledgable team of experienced professionals.


Regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (R.I.C.S), we have a well established reputation for experience, integrity and a traditional heritage of fair & honest valuations.


Our personalised service offers transparent communication through the entire process, with no hidden charges.


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