Comics have become a highly popular department at auction in recent years, with vintage and rare comic books commanding high prices from collectors and investors. Reeman Dansie specialise in comics typically offering a wide range of items, including individual comic books, collections, original art, and related memorabilia such as toys, posters, and other merchandise.

One of the key factors that determine the value of comics at auction is their rarity and condition. Vintage and rare comic books in good condition can command high prices, especially those that feature key characters or storylines, or those that are part of limited print runs.

The provenance of the item can also affect its value, with pieces that have a documented history or association with a well-known artist, writer, or historical figure often selling for higher prices. Original comic book art and related memorabilia can also command high prices at auction, especially if they are signed or feature rare or unique artwork.

Overall, comics are a highly collectible and sought-after department at auction, offering a unique blend of artistic and historical value for collectors and enthusiasts alike.


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Reeman Dansie are pleased to be offering a rare UK copy of the first issue of the X-Men comic book, released in 1963 with a price of 9 pence.