In addition to the Purchase Price, lots indicated with this symbol (*) may qualify for and be subject to payment by the Buyer of the Artist's Resale Right at a percentage of the Hammer Price calculated as follows:

Portion of the Hammer Price                Percentage rate 

From €1,000 to €50,000                       4%

From €50,001 to €200,000                   3%

From €200,001 to €350,000                 1%

From €350,001 to €500,000                 0.5%

Exceeding €500,000                             0.25%


The total amount payable will be the aggregate of the sum payable under each of the above rate bands, up to a maximum total amount of €12,500 for any single lot.

Any Artist's Resale Rights royalties will be calculated on the pound sterling/Euro exchange rate quoted on the date of the sale by the European Central Bank.