Specialist Collectors' Sale

Live auction

Specialist Collectors' Sale

Lot: 1 to 1000 - 26th Mar, 2024 10:00
Lot: 1001 to 2049 - 27th Mar, 2024 10:00
Lot: 2050 to 2400 - 28th Mar, 2024 10:00

Sale number: 7242
Last consignment: 15th Mar, 2024

Saturday 23rd March 9am until 1pm

Monday 25th March 9am until 5pm

LIVE ONLINE BIDDING via www.reemandansie.com or www.the-saleroom.com, where a live video feed will be in place.

Should you choose to bid via our own website the online bidding fee will be charged at an additional 3% (plus vat). 

Bidding via the-saleroom.com will be charged at an additional 4.95% (plus vat). 

ABSENTEE/COMMISSION BIDS these can be submitted by telephone (01206 754754) or email (auctions@reemandansie.com).

TELEPHONE BIDDING this can be arranged up to 24 hours before the sale days