27th Apr, 2022 10:00

East Anglian, Fine Art & Antiques Sale

Lot 687

Fitzherbert - The Boke of Husbandry newely Imprynted at London in Flete Strete in the house of Thomas Berthelet, nere to the sygne of Lucrece. Cum privileging, 1548. 16mo. 20th century morocco, Boo...

Fitzherbert - The Boke of Husbandry newely Imprynted at London in Flete Strete in the house of Thomas Berthelet, nere to the sygne of Lucrece. Cum privileging, 1548. 16mo. 20th century morocco, 15cm high. Bookplate of Ernest Ridley Debenham, inscribed R. Boutflour, July 1954, appears to have been purchased at that time from Thomas Thorp, 149 High Street, Guildford for £60. (corner of page F3 repaired, some staining to text).

Provenance: From the collection of Professor Robert ("Bobby") Boutflour, CBE (1890-1961). Gifted to him by B.O.C.M. (British Oil and Cake Mills) then by family descent. In his 1965 biography 'Bobby Boutflour' by his wife Mary Boutflour, it states: 'His two great hobbies were collecting old books on agriculture and, of course, shooting. Now a well-paid principal, he was able to indulge in purchasing books more freely, but he never paid very large sums. Bought at a moderate price, they increased in value. One book by J.S., 1545, he has marked, "very rare, perhaps the only one in existence". His most valuable book was a first edition of Petrus Crescentius printed in Germany in 1471, the printing, illuminations and paper being in excellent condition. This was a presentation from the B.O.C.M. So also was the delightful little volume of Fitzherbert' it seems like a very generous gift but as stated elsewhere in his biography: '...Ralph Sadler in proposing a vote of thanks to him in Harrowgate said 'Sir, you have put thousands of pounds into the pockets of dairy farmers. God knows how many millions you must have put into the pocket of B.O.C.M.' After his appointment as Principal of the Royal Agricultural College Cirencester in 1931 Professor Boutflour was largely responsible for raising the prestige of the College to its present high standards. He directed a radical remodeling of the University, expanding the student numbers from 50 to 800 during his tenure. He published significant works, particularly relating to dairy farming, and played an important role in the growth of international farming yields in the austere post-war period. It was said of Boutflour, on his death in 1961, that he was "... the most capable, colourful and forceful character that ever adorned the fields of agriculture"

Sold for £5,600

Condition Report

Two pages with repairs to margins (see images), some small losses to edges and folds, time staining throughout


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Auction: East Anglian, Fine Art & Antiques Sale, 27th Apr, 2022

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