Stamps, Postcards & Ephemera

The "Stamps, Postcards & Ephemera Auction Department" represents a specialised segment within Reeman Dansie. This department is dedicated to the valuation, sale, and procurement of various items such as stamps, postcards, and ephemera, catering to collectors and enthusiasts interested in these niche categories.

Stamps, being one of the primary focuses of this department, encompass a wide array of collectible postage stamps from different countries and historical periods. Philatelists, or stamp collectors, are avid enthusiasts who often seek out specific stamps to enhance their collections. Auctions provide an ideal platform for both sellers looking to consign their rare stamps and buyers aiming to acquire coveted pieces.

Vintage postcards constitute another significant component of this department's offerings. These postcards feature diverse imagery, ranging from historical landmarks and scenic views to artwork and cultural representations. Collectors are drawn not only to the visual appeal of these postcards but also to the historical context they provide, making them sought-after items in the auction market.

In addition to stamps and postcards, the department handles ephemera, which refers to a wide range of paper items originally intended for temporary or one-time use. Despite their ephemeral nature, these items have garnered value and interest over time due to their historical significance or aesthetic appeal. Ephemera can include old tickets, advertisements, pamphlets, brochures, and various other printed materials that offer insights into past eras.

Within this specialised department, our knowledgeable valuers possess expertise in assessing the market value, rarity, and authenticity of stamps, postcards, and ephemera. We facilitate auctions where sellers can consign their items for sale, while prospective buyers can bid on these offerings to expand their collections.


Our Specialists

Regular valuation days are held by our specialists. To learn more, please get in touch with us, or fill out the online form to ask about the value of your items.

Lewis Rabett
Head of Collectors Department

T: 01206 754754

Michael Bowles
Collectables Consultant

T: 01206 754754

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