Buying with Reeman Dansie

A How To Bid Guide

How To Bid

In Person

To bid in person at auction for the first time please register for a bidding number in advance by filling out and submitting a registration form at reception. When registering in person we require photo ID, such as a passport or driving licence.


Live Internet Bidding

We are pleased to offer a live online bidding service through our website platform ReemansLive.*

ReemansLive offers an excellent auction experience on your desktop, phone or tablet without being in the room. The platform is complete with live audio and video feeds to enable you to watch and hear the auction as it happens wherever you are in the world.  Additionally you are able to see opposing bids in real time and view the upcoming lots.

A Bid Live button will appear on our home page when the sale is live. Simply click this to sign in & begin. 

New users will need an online account with us to participate in live auctions via ReemansLive. Once you have created your account and registered card details, you will be approved to bid for the auction. 

*Please note that if you bid through our website you will be charged an additional 3% (plus VAT) commission on the hammer price. 

Alternatively you can bid via To bid online, simply register with and visit the site on the day of the sale. Please note that if you bid through, you will be charged an additional 4.95% (plus VAT) commission on the hammer price.

Create an account


Absentee Bidding

For clients unable or not wishing to attend our sale we are happy to accept absentee bids. Absentee bids can either be left in person with our office team, phoned or emailed to us. We simply require lot numbers and descriptions and the maximum bid which you wish to leave. Absentee bids are then transferred to our auction pages and the auctioneer will bid on your behalf. If the lot can be purchased at a lower price than your maximum bid our auctioneers will always endeavour to work in your interest to purchase the lot for you as cheaply as other bids will allow. If the same bid is left by two people on a lot we will precedence to the bidder who leaves the bid first. 

We are happy to provide condition reports for online and absentee bidders and to supply additional photographs on any lot. We ask that condition report requests are submitted at least 24 hours prior to the sale. (Whilst every care is taken to give an accurate condition report, we accept no responsibility for any omissions or errors in our reports. It is the buyer’s responsibility to view the lots and satisfy themselves as to their condition.)


Telephone Bidding

We are happy to accept phone bids for our Fine Art and Collectors’ sales. Phone bids may be arranged in person with our office team, by phone or by email. We simply require the lot number and details of the lots which you wish to bid on and contact phone number / numbers. Our phone bidders will call in advance of your chosen lot / lots and bid on your behalf during the sale.
Telephone bids must be booked by 4pm the day before the sale but can be arranged earlier, we have limited lines and certain lots can be over-subscribed for phone bidding, in such instances we conduct a first come, first served basis and we encourage clients to book well in advance or risk being disappointed.

Browse An Auction & Create Your Account

Please consider visiting the Reeman Dansie calendar to discover our online-only auctions and browse through the lots that catch your interest.

If you are a new user, we kindly request you to create a Reeman Dansie account in order to register and place bids in our online-only auctions, as well as participate in live auctions through ReemansLive. As soon as you have successfully created your account and provided your card details, we will promptly approve you for bidding.


Sign In To Your Online Account & Confirm Your Bid

After logging into your online account, you will be able to start bidding. We kindly request you to note that we are unable to place commission bids on your behalf in a timed auction.

Please take a moment to view the auction for any lots that pique your interest. Here, you can find the current bidding status of each lot, along with our estimated value. Feel free to place a new maximum bid at any time during the bidding period. Please note that the bidding amount you offer does not include the buyer's premium of 27% (including VAT).

A countdown clock has been provided under each lot on the lot detail page for your convenience. It will help you stay informed about the remaining time to place your bid before the lot is closed. Please note that the sale will close one lot at a time, in sequential order.

If, at any point during the auction, you are surpassed in bidding, you will be promptly notified via email, allowing you the opportunity to revise and possibly enhance your bid.

If a new highest bid is placed within the last minutes prior to the closing of a lot, the closing time for that lot will be extended until all bids have ceased. Please note that there tends to be a significant amount of bidding activity during these final minutes, so we encourage you to closely monitor the lots you are interested in.

If you are unable to watch the sale, enter your maximum amount and choose 'Set Max Bid'. Bids will then be placed on your behalf, up to and including the specified amount.

Please note that in order to see your current bids in our timed auctions, kindly visit


Paying For Your Purchase

You will receive an email once all lots in the online-only sale have closed, informing you if your bids have been successful or not. In case of successful bids, the message will also provide payment and shipping options. The most convenient method of payment is through card payment using the link provided in the email, however, additional options are also elaborated on this page below.

We would be happy to assist in arranging shipping for small items, or alternatively, you have the option to arrange your own shipping or collect your purchase from our Colchester saleroom.


Contact Us

For further assistance, you may also contact us by email at, or by telephone (Monday - Friday, 9:00 am – 5.00 pm) at 01206 754754.

Things To Consider When Buying At Auction



We kindly suggest that prospective bidders gather ample information about a lot prior to placing a bid. In the event that you are unable to physically inspect a lot, it is possible to request a condition report and/or additional images as all lots are sold as seen. If you would like to obtain a report on the condition of your lot(s), you can access them through the online catalogue once they are made available or request one by contacting us at

We politely request your understanding that we receive a high number of requests for additional information before the auction. Although we make every effort to respond promptly, it may not be possible to provide a comprehensive report until the final days leading up to the auction.





Please note that there is a buyers premium of 22.5% plus VAT (27% in total) applicable to all purchases, with the exception of our Classic Car & Vehicle auctions where the buyers premium is 10% plus VAT (12% in total). When you place a successful bid on any lot, the total amount you will be required to pay includes the hammer price (the value you bid at the auction) in addition to the buyers premium.






Items marked with a * indicate that there will be additional charges for the Artists Resale Right. The Artist's Resale Right was implemented through a European Directive in 2006 to ensure that artists receive a royalty when their work is sold again by an auction house or gallery. This Right is applicable to both living artists and those who have passed away within the last 70 years. If the sale price reaches or exceeds 1000 euros, the purchaser will be responsible for paying this royalty on top of the hammer price. The amount payable varies depending on the sale price, such as a 4% royalty rate for sale prices up to 50,000 euros. However, the maximum amount that can be earned through this royalty is limited to 12,500 euros. For more detailed information, please click here.





We accept payment in various forms including cash, cheque, bank transfer, and credit or debit card. For cash payments, we kindly request that the amount does not exceed the equivalent of 10,000 euros. Similarly, credit card payments should not exceed £500. Generally, cheques will need to be cleared before you can collect your purchased items. Please note that cheque clearance typically takes eight days from the date of deposit. In order to release goods to a third party, we kindly require identification and authorisation from the purchaser. For further details, please refer to our comprehensive terms and conditions.





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